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Sunday, May 15, 2011  //  About Fantasy Surf, Event, News Release  //  Share:

More than 50 competitors and 100 spectators enjoyed the amazing surf tricks and thrilling waves of the only Orlando indoor water park, Fantasy Surf.  Top competitors from the 2011 Waveloch Flow Tour converged for a battle of the boards at Fantasy Surf on April 30.  Local flowriding talent included some of Orlando’s best boarders, like Brad Spencer, Nick Nguyen, Vanessa Arroyo, Abigal Kilgore and Fantasy Surf’s own Sean Silveira and Amanda McCormick.

Division winners at the Fantasy Surf Orlando indoor water park were as follows:


Expert Flowboard

1st Brad Spencer (Orlando)

2nd Sean Silveira (Orlando)

3rd Nick Nguyen (Orlando/Texas)

Female Flowboard

1st Vanessa Arroyo (Orlando)

2nd Abigail Kilgore (Orlando)

3rd Amanda McCormick (Orlando)

Masters Flowboard

1st Jonathan Root

2nd Shawn Hancock

3rd Steve Salman

Mens Flowboard

1st Angel Yolkim

2nd Chuck Wright

3rd Manny Rayo

Juniors Flowboard

1st Bubbie Koby

2nd Cameron Lodge

3rd Hasim Paputchi

Drop Knee

1st Jacob Berger

2nd Jonathan Hicks

3rd Damian Palmer

Expert Bodyboard

1st Nick Nguyen (Orlando)

2nd Andrew Shelton

3rd Christian Cook

Female Bodyboard

1st Katie Sink

Masters Bodyboard

1st Tracey Carroll (Flow Mamma)

2nd Shawn Hancock

3rd Jonathan Root

Mens Bodyboard

1st Luigi Vargas

2nd Brenden Fenske

3rd Brad Schwenken

Youth Bodyboard

1st David Gustafson

2nd Austin Bramlett

Congratulations to all of the Flow Tour 2011 winners and participants who took part in this tournament at Fantasy Surf! We hope to see all of you competing at